Large and Small Bottles of DrainMaster Large and Small Bottles of DrainMaster
4 Large Bottles of DrainMaster 4 Large Bottles of DrainMaster

Bacterial Drain Cleaner

DrainMaster is a scientific formulation of specific enzyme-producing bacteria that will digest the grease, oil, protein, starch, fat, carbohydrates, and cellulose that commonly build up drains, pipes, and waste lines.

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The microorganisms in DrainMaster drain cleaner reduce biological and chemical oxygen demand and total suspended solids, remove fats, oils, and greases, and break down waste products into carbon dioxide – released harmlessly into the air and water. DrainMaster bio drain cleaner is the most permanent way to treat blockages, build-up, and associated odors in drains, pipes and other plumbing and waste lines.

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For home use:
Apply 20 oz. of DrainMaster directly in to drain lines to treat sluggish drainage. Use daily until drainage improves.

For commercial facilities:
Apply 12-16 oz. of DrainMaster,  may be used monthly for drain line maintenance.